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Imagination Video is the result of a chance meeting during an organised walk in Brussels. We found they have a mutual interest in photography, art and video as well as a shared belief that imagination and good technical skills are far more important than a lot of expensive equipment. Better still, from your perspective, we believe that can translate into high quality video work at a price that is well within the budget of small and medium sized businesses.


Roberta Cacciaglia was born and raised in Rome. Since she was a child, she had a strong interest in photography and a well used camera was her constant companion. Her abilities were soon recognised and she has won several national, Italian photography competitions.

She set up as a professional in Rome, however circumstances brought her to Brussels in 2016. Today, she splits her work between Imagination Video and photography in Brussels and Rome/


Jeffrey was born in New Jersey in America and was raised there and in the UK. Over the years, he has been a teacher, writer, artist, entrepreneur and keynote speaker in the US, UK, Portugal, Germany, Thailand and Belgium where he now lives with his family.

These days, when he is not working on Imagination Video, he writes, delivers workshops and gives keynote speeches mostly about creativity and innovation.







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